High Power Wind Lab $12.99

High Power Wind Lab is a visualization tool that helps shooters determine wind value based on observed conditions and calculates the sight correction necessary to hit the center of a target.

This interactive application is an invaluable tool for shooters that want to better understand the affects of wind on bullets over long distances. By interactively changing the wind velocity and wind angle, the display dynamically updates to show the calculated correction and a visualizes a range of possible outcomes if the shooter misreads the wind conditions.

The High Power Wind Lab is also a shot plotting and wind plotting tool that shows how wind conditions have develop over time and what the predominant conditions have been throughout a string of fire.

Features of the application include:

* true MOA corrections
* support for custom ammunition
* library of commonly used midrange and long range TR and F-Class target
* shot plotting
* score calculation
* record keeping
* tablet support

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