$10 Tapco 30-rd AR-15 Poly-Magazine MAG0930BLK

Tapco-MAG0930BLACKBrownell’s offers Tapco AR-15 Poly-Magazines in Black, Dark Earth, and Olive Drab. Free shipping on orders over $200 using promotion code CYF.

Rugged One-Piece Body, Aggressive Grasping Ridges For Fast Mag Changes; Anti-Tilt Follower

Designed with input from a variety of AR shooters—military, law enforcement, and competitors—these lightweight 30-round magazines deliver exceptional reliability in all types of extreme conditions. One-piece body of glass fiber-reinforced polymer composite has outstanding structural rigidity to resist damage from dropping on hard surfaces like concrete and side-impact crushing forces. Aggressive ridges on the outside give you a secure grip during reloads. Continuous-curve interior with slick, mirror-finish surfaces and a polymer, non-tilt follower that runs in grooves virtually eliminate risk of jams caused by uneven pressure on the round stack. Corrosion-resistant chrome-silicon spring won’t lose power when a loaded mag is stored for extended periods. Seamless body, tight-fitting floorplate, and an indentation for the mag catch to grab rather than a hole through the body, keep out dust, moisture, grit, and contaminants that can impede ammo flow. Floorplate removes easily for cleaning simply by pressing the locking tab with the tip of an unfired .223 cartridge. Captive follower and floorplate locking tab stay with the spring, so they won’t get lost. Flared floorplate and extra grooves near the bottom help you extract the magazine from tight-fitting mag pouches for fast reloads. Fits most pouches for USGI mags, including Brownells MOLLE pouch system. Drops free from mil-spec mag wells, and compatible with LULA loader, stripper clips, Maglula Universal Benchloader, and other loaders that fit USGI mags. Available in Black and two colors that match popular camo schemes, Dark Earth and olive Drab.

Limited Time Offer Expires 03/29/2011

Expired Deal

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