Winchester USA 9mm Ammo NATO 124 Grain Full Metal Jacket- Q4318 $13.50

Winchester-USA-9mm-Luger-Ammo-NATO-124-Grain-Full-Metal-JacketWinchester USA 9mm Ammo NATO 124 Grain Full Metal Jacket- Q4318

Winchester Q4318 9mm NATO ammo for sale online at cheap discount prices with free shipping on bulk 9mm ammunition available only at our online store TargetSportsUSA.com. Founded in 1866 in New Haven, CT Winchester is as American as apple pie. One of the most commonly used manufacturers for a wide range of shooting needs, Winchester USA is an outstanding pick due to its reliability, consistency and durability. From the start Winchester was one of the top designers of rifle ammunition and were the first to introduce some of the top rifle calibers that are still used by marksmen today. Similar to the rifle line, this 9mm Luger is prime example of the quality and care that goes into Winchester ammo. Loaded with a full metal jacket bullet, which is known for its positive operating and extraordinary accuracy, this 9mm Luger was developed for high volume shooters. 9mm Luger ammo by Winchester is a reloadable, non-corrosive ammunition that features brass cases and Boxer primers. Winchester packages their 9mm luger ammo in boxes of 50 and cases of 1000.

This 9mm Luger bullet does not expand on impact and is ideal for target shooting

Winchester USA ammunition was developed to provide excellent performance at an affordable price for the high volume shooter.

Winchester USA 9mm Luger Ammo is world renowned for its consistency
Manufacturer Winchester Ammo
Caliber 9mm Ammo
Bullet Type FMJ- Full Metal Jacket
Muzzle Velocity 1140 fps
Muzzle Energy 358 ft. lbs
Primer Boxer
UPC 020892212213
Casing Brass
Ammo Rating Target & Practice Ammo

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