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7.62x54mmR Ammunition

Russian Surplus 7.62x54R 147 Grain FMJ 440 Rounds in Ammo Can Free Shipping $89.95

Details -MILITARY SURPLUS AMMO -7.62X54R (RIMMED) AMMO -147 GRAIN FULL METAL JACKET-FMJ -BRASS CASED | BERDAN PRIMER | FREE SHIPPING -20 ROUNDS PER BOX | 440 ROUNDS PER SEALED AMMO CAN This Russian Surplus 7.62x54R ammo is very clean and performs well in both old and new model firearms and is corrosive; clean your gun …

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$77.95 Romanian 7.62x54R 149grn Silver Tip 440rd Can

AIM Surplus offers Romanian 7.62x54R 149grn Silver Tip 440rd Can, with discounts on crate buys. Surplus Romanian 7.62x54R ammunition. Manufactured in the late 1970’s to early 1980’s. Features a 149grn steel core silver tip full metal jacketed bullet, copper washed steel case, and berdan primer. Packaged 440rds to a sealed “spam” can, and 880rds to …

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