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Free Printable Firearm Bill of Sale Form Download

GunWarrior offers a free printable Firearms Bill of Sale form that can be filled out using Adobe Acrobat. Print one copy for the seller, and one for the buyer. For your legal protection, retain all records of firearm sales and purchases.

$400 Saiga Rifle AK Conversion Gunsmith Service – Basic

Saiga rifles and shotguns are imported from Russia and made in the Izhmash Factory where most of the Russian military weapons are built. To beat the US import restrictions the Russians build these AK’s in a “Sporterized configuration” We then take these “Wolves in Sheep’s clothing” and return them to their original fighting specs. A …

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$199.00 Nevada NFA Firearms Trust

A Nevada attorney will draft a custom, NFA specific Revocable Living Trust to assist in the lawful purchasing and possession of Class 3 (Title II) firearms and other regulated items by Nevada residents. A NFA Firearms Trust must include specific information regarding issues of possession, transfer, distribution, and transportation of Trust items. Don’t trust your …

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