$400 Saiga Rifle AK Conversion Gunsmith Service – Basic

Rifle-DynamicsSaiga rifles and shotguns are imported from Russia and made in the Izhmash Factory where most of the Russian military weapons are built. To beat the US import restrictions the Russians build these AK’s in a “Sporterized configuration” We then take these “Wolves in Sheep’s clothing” and return them to their original fighting specs.

A Russian built AK with hammer-forged chrome lined barrel. Re-assembled to original spec by our skilled professionals with the latest state of the art tooling and machinery.
It simply doesn’t get any better!

We offer several different Saiga Conversions from just a pistol grip/buttstock conversion to a full on conversion back to AK spec. This is the only way to have a real Russian AK. We do conversions on 7.62×39, 5.45×39, 5.56×45 .308 rifles and Saiga 12 shotguns, prices very depending on the level of conversion.

Basic Saiga Conversion $400.00
•Basic Saiga Rifle Conversions,
•Remove stock furniture, triggerguard, FCG
•Move trigger forward to original position
•Fit new G-2 trigger group
•Refit bolt carrier
•Install bullet guide
•Fit magazine well/Magazine catch
•Dehorn parts that operator touches
•Sandblast, Parkerize and finish Norrells Moly Resin
•Testfire and zero

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