$13 TGSCOM Safety Surplus Quick Clot Trauma Kit Package

TGSCOM-Safety-Trauma-KitTheGunSource offers $2.99 flat-rate shipping on the TGSCOM Safety Surplus Quick Clot Trauma Kit Package.

When it comes to emergencies you can never be too prepared. This surplus Quick Clot trauma kit package could be a life saver in times where emergency medical help is not immediately available to assist. Great for the car, boat, home or hunting cabin, this trauma kit is a must have for everyone. Each Trauma Kit Package includes 1- 100 gram packet of Quick Clot coagulant, 2 Molle style pouches, 2 sterile compression bandages and 4 sterile conforming gauze bandages.

•Surplus Quick Clot Trauma Kit Package
•Manufacturer Number: TraumaKit-1
◦2- Black Molle Compatible Pouches (Pouch Size Will Accommodate 6 AR-15/M-16 30 Round Magazines)
◦2- Cinch Tight Sterile Compression Bandages
◦4- Sterile Conforming Gauze Bandages
◦1- 100 Grams (3.5 Ounces)Vacuum Sealed Quick Clot Vacuum Coagulant
◦Quick Clot Acts As A Rapid Hemostat That Can Control Severe To Traumatic Bleeding Through The Use Of Granular Zeolite Technology

How Does Zeolite Stop Bleeding?
•It is able to activate blood platelets and activated platelets aid in hemostasis because they form a plug.
•It also works in conjunction with the body’s natural coagulation cascade, the negative surface potential of the zeolite activates a protein at the very beginning of the contact pathway – this protein activation promotes rapid clotting and strong clot formation.
•Finally, zeolite is able to absorb water from the blood. As the zeolite absorbs the water from the blood, what is left is concentrated amounts of the cellular and large protein components of the blood, which further catalyzes clot formation.

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