Speer Lawman 9mm Luger 115 Grain Full Metal Jacket Case of 1000 Rds $199.93


-Speer Lawman Ammo
-9mm Luger Ammo
-115 Grain Total Metal Jacket-TMJ
-Brass Cased | Boxer Primer | Non-Corrosive | Re-Loadable
-50 rounds per box | 1000 rounds per case

Speer Lawman 9mm luger ammo for sale is a new production ammo that features 115 Grain TMJ bullet. .9mm ammo made by Speer is reloadable, features brass cases and Boxer primers. This ammunition is non-corrosive. Speer Lawman 9mml ammo is great for target shooting and practice purposes.

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We have plenty of 9mm Luger Ammo,
45 ACP Auto Ammo,
.38 Special Ammo,
380 ACP AUTO Ammo,
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and 22 Long Rifle Ammo available as well if you need more!!

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