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By Olin Coles

When metal heats, the molecules excite and cause expansion. When metal becomes overheated, barrel harmonics also change, vibration increases, and shots begin to vertically string. A hot barrel also contributes to pressure failures, and increased throat erosion. You want a cool barrel so that each shot is consistent, and wear is minimized. This is why I’ve created the “Chamber Chiller” rifle barrel cooling fan.

Chamber Chiller OMEGA-50 Rifle Barrel Cooling Fan Prototype Mockup

After testing homemade and commercially-available barrel cooling devices, I discovered several key areas that could be improved for better performance and functionality. As a result, I designed and developed my own Chamber Chiller rifle barrel cooling fan devices. These are functional products, but since each device is 3D printed and hand assembled with off-the-shelf parts it’s appropriate to label them as working prototypes.

The idea behind Chamber Chiller is simple: cool the chamber where heat often sinks into the loaded cartridge causing higher pressure, and deliver cool air down even the longest rifle barrel using a high-output fan. Impressive air volume forced past the barrel tenon at a high static pressure means much less time is needed for cooling-down, which also equals quicker recovery to optimal operating temperatures.

Chamber Chiller comes in two configurations: the 50-series utilizes four AAA batteries and a high-output 50 mm fan for most all common rifles cartridges, while the 60-series utilizes four AA batteries and a 60 mm fan for extreme barrel cooling in big bore and high-power rifles. Each Chamber Chiller prototype arrives with a satin black finish, allowing you to paint the unit any color you wish or begin using it as-is.

OMEGA features an 8mm ID nozzle that fits .223 up to 6.5 chambers, and BETA features a larger 10.4mm ID nozzle that fits 6mm up to .338LM cartridges. You can see Chamber Chiller in this video comparing my prototype coolers to the competition: https://youtu.be/Dyem0dfJOhU

Performance Comparison Results:
Other brand: 6.3 grains max downforce out of a 6mm ID opening.
OMEGA-50: 21.8 grains of downforce out of a 8mm ID opening.
BETA-60: 24.4 grains of downforce out of a 10.4mm ID opening.

I’ve already built and tested several Chamber Chiller barrel cooling fan prototypes, but I know that overheating is a problem for plenty of shooters. A cooled barrel gives shooters and edge over their competition.

Visit https://www.chamberchiller.com to place an order.

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