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MOA Targets Reactive Mini-Mozambique Review

MOA Targets Mini-Mozambique AR500 Steel Reactive Tactical Pistol & Rifle Shooting Target Hinge System

For this review, GunWarrior investigates the Mini-Mozambique AR500 steel reactive target made for tactical pistol shooting, which is the reduced-size version of their Mozambique target system designed for medium and long-range rifle shooting. Both targets share the same IPSC silhouette profile, and both are made of high-quality AR500 steel, cut with the aforementioned 4000-watt CNC laser.

Long-Range Shooting Target Impact Signal System Review

Long-Range Shooting Target Impact Signal System Review By Olin Coles Manufacturer: Equu-Pulse Company Product Name: Target Impact Signal System III Model Number: DK8-001-III UPC: 847628010260 Price As Tested: $170 (targetimpactsignal.com) Full Disclosure: The product sample used in this article has been provided by Equu-Pulse Company. In this article we field test the Target Impact Signal System III, model DK8-001-III, at ranges beyond 1500 …

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Chamber Chiller Rifle Barrel Cooler Prototypes

Chamber Chiller BETA-50 v1.25 Rifle Barrel Cooler Prototype Design

The idea behind Chamber Chiller is simple: cool the chamber where heat often sinks into the loaded cartridge causing higher pressure, and deliver cool air down even the longest rifle barrel using a high-output fan. Impressive air volume moved at a high static pressure means much less time is needed for cooling-down, which equals quicker recovery to optimal operating temperatures.

Chamber Chiller Gun Barrel Cooling Fan Announced

Using a 3D printer and commercially available components, avid long-range shooter Olin Coles has developed a product he calls the “Chamber Chiller” gun barrel cooling device, a product which he claims can give shooters in hot weather an edge over their competition. Designed to fit into the cartridge chamber of most bolt action and semi-automatic rifles, Chamber Chiller reduces the time is needed for cooling-down a hot barrel.