Jack Ross .40 S&W Ammunition Review

This is a review of Jack Ross .40 S&W ammunition. Jack Ross .40 S&W ammunition uses new brass, with CCI primers, Alliant Power Pistol smokeless powder, and 155gr RNFP bullets from X-Treme Bullets in Carson City, NV.

This review uses the following equipment:

  • Jack Ross .40 S&W 180gr ammunition
  • CCI Blazer Brass .40 S&W 155gr ammunition
  • Reloaded .40 S&W 155gr¬†ammunition at various charges
  • Competition Electronics Pro Chrono Digital Chronograph
  • Glock Model 22 Generation 3 Pistol in .40 S&W

Using a chronograph, the following data was recorded:

  • Jack Ross: H=913 L=876 AVG=896 ES=37 SD=12
  • Blazer Brass: H=1054 L=928 AVG=1000 ES=126 SD=58
  • 6.6gr Reload: H=1008 L=959 AVG=981 ES=49 SD=24
  • 7.0gr Reload: H=1049 L=1028 AVG=1037 ES=21 SD=8
  • 7.6gr Reload: H=1115 L=1095 AVG=1106 ES=21 SD=7
  • 8.2gr Reload: H=1174 L=1128 AVG=1147 ES=46 SD=13

In my own testing with the Glock Model 22, I discovered that while 8.2gr is a safe maximum charge, it yields poor first-shot accuracy and is too powerful to remain on target. The same was generally true for 7.6 grain charges, which became more accurate and comfortable around 7.0gr. Using a charge of 6.6gr, I discovered the best compromise of comfort and accuracy.

In comparison, the Jack Ross .40 S&W 180gr ammunition charges enough powder to remain accurate, while offering the shooter the least amount of recoil possible without sacrifice. Jack Ross only offers 180gr locally-made bullets at this caliber, and our tests showed an average velocity of nearly 900 fps.

I recommend Jack Ross .40 S&W ammunition for CQB training and recreational target practice, with target ranges not more than 35 yards.

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